IAS together with their partners can offer low cost solutions to cabin and aircraft structural repair. Our expert team will carefully analyze the damage and offer a repair scheme approved under EASA or FAA, not compromising safety at any cost. 


  • Provide a structural repair scheme under EASA or FAA approval.
  • Individual technical assistance and planning of aircraft structural repairs.Fuselage, Wings, and Empennage Collision, Corrosion and Fatigue Damage Repair
  • Pressure Bulkhead Repairs
  • Antenna Installation (Small GPS antenna to Large KU/Radome antenna)
  • External Camera Installations
  • External Baggage Compartment Installations
  • Fire Fighting Conversions
  • Fuselage Large Cut-Out Installations
  • Floor beams and Panels Repair
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance evaluations of Airplane Primary Structure.