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We provide Part 66 license category training and exams for aircraft maintenance. Join us to receive comprehensive instruction and certification in aircraft maintenance.

Air Operations


Airworthiness Certifications

Flight Standards

General Aviation


IAS help clients certify on EASA standards and procedures

EASA 145

Foreign Part-145 approvals are those Part-145 organisations located outside the EU which are not subject to a bilateral agreement. Training Solutions and Consultancy Expert Guidance Application Assistance Courses from CaainternationalUK


The task of a certified ‘Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation’(CAMO), such as our team here at Integrated Aviation Solution, is fundamentally keeping aircraft airworthy, yet incorporates the management of all inspections and the associated paperwork to meet the EASA regulations.

CAMO commitments

Integrated Aviation Solutions will offer this CAMO certified service in the PAKISTAN and we operate out of three airports being Allama Iqbal Intl. Airport, Jinnah Intl. Airport and Islamabad Intl. Airport.


Entrust an orgnanisation to maintain airworthiness (Integrated Aviation Solutions is to be approved / active as a CAMO itself)


Ensure the fundamental airworthiness of its aircraft


Closely cooperate with any maintenance and servicing companies to maintain airworthiness standards


Takes responsibility for the quality management and all documentation to maintain airworthiness

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